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Dentist in Mühlheim am Main

Dear patients,

the aim of your Mainzahnarzt im Rathaus Dr Seeger & Kollegen is for you to keep a beautiful and healthy smile: your Mainzahnarzt in Mühlheim am Main offers a large range of dental treatments for the permanent preservation of your oral health. First and foremost, we provide preventive treatment with professional tooth cleaning. In addition, we are able to carry out root canal treatment of an inflamed “dental nerve” using modern technology to increase the chance of preserving the tooth.

We treat periodontitis systematically to stop the inflammatory process and prevent tooth loss.

With the help of functional diagnostics we are able to analyse and adequately treat temporomandibular joint complaints which commonly manifest themselves as headaches and jaw pains.

Main Zahnarzt am Rathaus

Additional services we provide:

  • Dental prosthetics: high-quality crowns, bridges and prosthetics
  • Dental implants: from consultation to the provision of implant-supported dental prosthetics
  • Cosmetic dentistry: bleaching, veneers and full porcelain for beautiful teeth
  • Labial frenectomy: in a routine manner and as free of pain as possible
  • Anxious patients: we take your worries seriously and will treat you with as much care as possible
  • Paediatric dentistry: healthy teeth right from the start.

Professionally and technically up-to-date

Our dentists and practice team constantly engage in further education and professional development to keep up with the latest state in science and practice. This enables us to provide the ongoing high quality of your treatment. You benefit from our state-of-the-art technical equipment which helps us to carry out our treatment in a more gentle and effective way.

Late opening hours

We know that it is sometimes difficult to balance your daily routine and time for dental appointments. Our practice therefore is open for you from Mondays to Thursdays until 7pm.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment just call us on 06108 68833. We will do our best to offer you the appointment time you request.
Please complete your medical record before your visit in our practice.

How to find us

Our practice is located in the centre of Mühlheim am Main. You can find us at Friedensstraße 20, right in the town hall building. You can easily reach us by using public transportation, for example with the S-Bahn. There are sufficient free parking spaces available in the underground garage underneath the town hall, in case you should you choose to arrive by car.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team from Mainzahnarzt im Rathaus Dr Seeger & Kollegen

Friedensstraße 20
63165 Mühlheim

Telephone: 06108 68833
Email: info@main-zahnarzt-mühlheim.de